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Your ability to earn an income is likely your biggest asset requiring protection. Through our association with Atlantic Financial Services, we can provide advice on a range of personal risk insurances, including Income Protection and Life Insurance.

Workers Compensation requirements differ from state to state in Australia. Atlantic can help to coordinate insurance to cover your employees against injury at work.

If you import stock or materials we can assist with a Transit policy that will protect the carriage of your goods for imports, exports and local transit by air, road, rail and sea. We can also arrange cover for these goods whilst in storage or for transit of customers goods.

We recommend that all of our trades clients consider a Management Liability policy. This protects the Directors, Officers and Employees of your Company against claims arising from negligence in the performance of their duties. Covers include Directors and Officers Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Crime, Statutory Liability and many more.

Many Tradies own Plant and Machinery such as excavators, bobcats, skid steers and forklifts. We offer a range of policies to cover these items for Theft and Damage along with Third Party Liability if these items are registered.

We are experienced in organising both single Commercial Motor policies and Commercial Motor Fleet policies if your business operates a fleet of vehicles, which can be extended to cover automatic additions and deletions, free windscreen, along with other benefits.These policies provide protection for your vehicles, including own damage and third party property damage.

If you own or lease a factory or warehouse, we can organise cover for your Buildings, Stock and Contents for risks such as Fire, Accidental Damage, Malicious Damage, Water Damage, Impact, Business Interruption, Theft and Glass Breakage.

The ATO continue to target self-employed tradie’s for tax audit. Atlantic can set up a policy that will cover your tax audit expenses in the event you are audited by the ATO or other government agencies.

If you require a more basic coverage to protect your income, Atlantic can assist with Injury and Illness Insurance, with benefit periods up to 5 years and waiting periods as low as 2 weeks.

Atlantic Insurance has been assisting our Trade Insurance Clients arrange Public Liability Insurance for over 25 years.

Our experience assisting our valued Tradie Clients has shown that no two Trades Businesses are the same.  Whether it be size or scale, ownership structure, future direction, unique client base or working Environment, each has their own Insurance needs, and many require legislated endorsements to their Insurance covers such as the non-compliant or faulty workmanship endorsements required by Licenced Plumbers in Victoria as a requirement of the Ministerial Order or the Consumer Protection endorsement of $50,000 required by Licenced Electricians in Queensland.

What does trades public liability insurance cover

Trades Businesses inherently work on-site on a mix of building sites, homes, commercial or industrial premises and often alongside other trades and their equipment and the reality is accidents or losses could potentially happen anywhere in Australia.

For a Tradie maintaining the right Public and Products Liability Policy is paramount. This is designed to provide protection against claims by third parties happening anywhere in Australia as a result of negligence causing property damage or bodily injury. As a Tradie is exposed to many different people whilst carrying out their work a claim could be bought by a member of the public, a supplier, a customer or where we are seeing many claims, a claim made against a Trades Business by another contractor including your own subcontractor. (often referred to as worker to worker liability)

Who needs to take out public liability insurance

Atlantic Insurance recommend that any Trades Business (both sole trades and registered companies) should have a Public Liability Policy in Place. With minimum premiums starting at around $460 plus government charges this policy will provide valuable protection should a claim for compensation be made by a Third Party.

It is important to note that there are often many different Trades and Contractors on a job site and following damage or injury many different Businesses or Individuals may be named in a legal action. Even if you believe you are not at fault you will need to defend yourself against a claim which will likely incur legal costs or sometimes defending yourself in court. A good Trades Public Liability Policy will provide cover for damages / settlement to restitute a loss along with importantly cover for legal defence costs.

Does atlantic insurance assist with claims

Many of Atlantic Insurance’s competitors who offer Trades Liability Insurance Policies utilise Claims Teams who are often separated from the Client Managers who arrange the Insurance Policies. Atlantic Insurance’s Client Managers appreciate that the true value of an Insurance Policy is at claim time and receiving a letter of demand, Writ or Summons can be especially stressful for a Trades Business. The Trades Client Manager who assisted you arrange your Policy will be the same Client Manager that assists you lodge your Public Liability claim with your insurer and who manages the claim through to cessation.

What policy extensions / endorsements may be relevant to consider

Atlantic Insurance carefully considers each Trade Clients unique needs and tailors a Public Liability cover to suit our Clients individual and unique needs. An example of some of the common endorsements / extensions we can negotiate are as follows:

  • Victorian Plumbers Endorsement (Consumer Protection)
  • Queensland Electricians Endorsement
  • Goods in Care, Custody & Control
  • Vicarious Liability
  • Principals Indemnity
  • Contractual Liability
  • Tenants Liability
  • Driving Risk
  • Asbestos Liability
  • Pollution Liability


Our Team of experienced Client Managers are available to discuss your specific Trades Public Liability Insurance requirements. Call us or provide your details today and we will be able to assist.


In some cases Property Damage and Bodily Injury cover will be covered if the advice was provided for no fee however we recommend speaking with our Client Managers to determine whether Professional Indemnity Cover is required.

No, a Public Liability Policy provides cover for damage or loss to Third Parties Property. Speak with our Client Managers about a specialist Tools Policy to cover loss or damage to your tools.

No, A Public Liability Policy provides cover for injury to third parties if you are deemed negligent. Speak with our Client Managers about a specialist Personal Accident and Illness Policy to protect your income if you are injured or become ill and cannot work.

Yes, many insurers are able to offer monthly instalments at no cost.

Yes, importantly a sole traders personal assets are often at risk should a claim for compensation be made against an individual.

Yes, our Client Managers are experienced and can provide options on limits of $5,000,000, $10,000,000, $20,000,000 and higher if required.

Yes, the Trades Client Manager you normally work with at Atlantic Insurance will assist in lodging your claim and see this through to finalisation.

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