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Industrial special risk insurance

Business insurance policies

Other available business insurance policies

We have a lot of experience organising both Commercial Motor policies for single vehicles and Commercial Motor Fleet policies if your business operates a fleet of vehicles. These policies can extend to cover automatic additions and deletions, free windscreen, along with other benefits. They will provide protection for your vehicles, including own damage and third party property damage.

Your ability to earn an income is likely your biggest asset that requires protection. Through our association with Atlantic Financial Services, we can provide advice on a range of personal risk insurances, including Income Protection and Life Insurance.

If your business carries significant debtors, what would happen if your customer went into liquidation, could not pay, or you were accused of receiving a preferential payment? A Trade Credit policy can protect you against this loss. Atlantic can access a number of markets to cover this large exposure.

Atlantic can provide advice and organise cover for both hobby farms and commercial farms that are your sole source of income. Specific conditions in many home policies exclude claims if your property is over a certain size or has animals that are not just domestic pets. Speak with us today to ensure you are properly protected.

A General Property policy can provide you with protection for your valuable items Australia Wide and can include cover for Accidental Damage, Fire & Perils, Burglary/Theft and Transit. Speak with us today to determine whether this cover will suit your needs.

Many businesses believe Product Recall is automatically covered under their Liability program. This is often incorrect. In the event that one of your products requires recall following a risk of physical damage or injury, this specialist policy can cover you for costs including advertising, cartage and other monies spent in securing the return of your product.

If you move goods locally or internationally we can assist with a Transit policy that will protect the carriage of your goods for imports, exports and local transit by air, road, rail and sea. We can also arrange cover for these goods while in storage.

Atlantic’s Corporate Travel policies can provide automatic protection for you and your employees while travelling on business. It can also cover Directors, senior staff and other nominated people for their leisure travel. Includes cover for baggage, medical, liability and other important exposures.

If you offer any advice or provide a professional service, we recommend that you speak to us about putting a Professional Indemnity policy in place. This will provide you with protection against claims of negligent professional advice.

We recommend that all of our business clients consider a Management Liability Policy which provides the Directors, Officers and Employees of your company against claims arising from negligence in the performance of their duties. Covers include Directors and Officers Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Crime, Statutory Liability and many more.

A Business Package policy is often the most cost effective way to cover a small businesses common Property and Liability Exposures. At Atlantic Insurance we have a wide range of policies available to protect your businesses exposures, including Fire and Perils, Burglary, Business Interruption, Money, Glass, Liability, Machinery, Transit and many more.

What does industrial special risks insurance cover

Atlantic Insurance have been offering Industrial Risks Policies to our Medium and Large Clients for over 40 years and over this time have assisted our valued Clients negotiate some particularly large and complex claims.

Whilst a Business Package Policy is more suited to small businesses with low to medium asset values, an Industrial Special Risks Insurance Policy is a broad Property Insurance Policy which is available to insure businesses with significant asset values with a loss of profit component.

Where a Business Package Policy is designed to cover losses for defined perils such as Fire, Storm, Impact etc an ISR Policy will generally provide a broader level of cover whereby losses caused to property of every kind and description are covered unless excluded. As a general rule the minimum asset value insurers will consider is $5,000,000 for access to an Industrial Special Risks Policy.

There are two main sections covered under an ISR Policy including Material Damage which provides cover for physical loss, damage and destruction of physical assets that are not excluded. The second section is Business Interruption which provides cover for loss of “Gross Profit” resulting from interruption to a business as a consequence of Material Damage. The Material Damage and Business Interruption covers go hand in hand, we often highlight to our valued Clients that there is no point in replacing your physical assets if you have no business to return to after you have been unable to meet your obligations following a major loss.

Who needs to take out industrial special risks insurance

Any business with significant Property Assets should consider taking out an ISR Insurance Policy.

Assets typically insured under an Industrial Special Risks Policy include Buildings, Contents, Fixed Plant / Equipment, Stock, Gross Profit, Wages along with Increased Costs of Working following a major loss.

With changing weather patterns and difficulties reinstating following major losses careful consideration needs to be given to ensure a businesses assets are insured adequately. To assist our Clients determine adequate sums insured, Atlantic Insurance work with a number of specialist “Insurance Replacement Valuers” who can visit your premises and recommend adequate sums insured. With Building Costs and Rebuilding Periods increasing often these Valuers will also recommend allowances for Cost Escalations following a major loss including the estimated lead time from the date of loss to rebuilding commencement and an estimated rebuilding period. Our experienced Client Managers can then provide recommendations on adequate Business Interruption indemnity periods to ensure you are able to keep the doors open whilst your assets are reinstated.

Does atlantic insurance assist with claims

ISR Insurance claims can be exceptionally complex especially when large asset values are involved and a business interruption section is triggered. Often these claims will remain open for two to three years and sometimes more and regular payments will need to be made by insurers to ensure income continues to flow during reinstatement.

At Atlantic Insurance the Client Manager who assisted you arrange the cover will be your main point of contact for lodgement to settlement of your claim. This is very important for complex property claims as often many of the unique endorsements that were included when setting up the policy will extend cover in the event of a loss.

Atlantic Insurance also work closely with specialist Property and Business Interruption consultants who we can often engage at no cost to our Clients via the “claim preparation costs” cover available under an ISR Policy. These consultants can often maximise our Clients settlement and ensure a reasonable settlement offer is put forward by insurers.

What policy extensions / endorsements may be relevant to consider

  • Removal of Debris
  • Personal Property of Employees
  • Cost of Cleaning Drains
  • Customers Goods
  • Works of Art, Antiques and Curios
  • Branded Goods
  • Extra Cost of Reinstatement / Additional Extra Costs of Reinstatement
  • Machinery Breakdown / Fusion
  • Additional Increased Costs of Working
  • Claims Preparation Costs
  • Severance Pay
  • Contractual Fines & Penalties
  • Flood
  • Public Utilities
  • Prevention of Access
  • Accounts Receivable


Generally the entry point is $5,000,000 in combined assets however some insurers may have higher entry points.

Premiums are calculated by applying a premium rate to the declared asset value. A businesses industry, risk factors, attitude to risk management and sub limits / endorsements required will all impact this rate..

Claims may include replacement of assets, payments for professional fees, temporary protection, business interruption and removal of debris among many.

Due to the complex nature of an ISR Policy businesses will need advice on how to best structure the policy and insurers will generally only work with Insurance Brokers to arrange ISR Policies.

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