Business as Usual During COVID-19
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Continuity measures during the Covid-19 Pandemic
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    24 hour emergency assistance - Atlantic Insurance

    24 Hour Emergency Assistance

    Atlantic Insurance offer a 24 Hour Emergency Assistance Service outside of our normal business hours for clients.

    Simply call (03) 9836 3733 and if your call is in relation to an emergency, a message will be taken and you will receive a return call from a member of our staff to help minimise any impact and plot an appropriate course of action.

    Police / Fire / Ambulance
    State Emergency Services

    132 500

    If you are a current client and your claim is not an emergency, please follow this process:

    Please promptly inform us of any claim as soon as possible
    This will enable us to action the claim quickly and minimise any unnecessary delays or further damage occurring. Full details of what has happened and anyone else involved should be collected at the time and passed on to us.

    We will then arrange for the claim to be reported to your insurer
    Where appropriate, we will organise the appointment of loss assessors and repairers to assist in the management of your claim.

    Complete all claim documentation as soon as practical
    Please include your ABN and Input Tax Credit entitlement and forward to our office with any supporting documentation.

    Whatever the circumstances of the incident, DO NOT ADMIT LIABILITY EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU ARE AT FAULT. Your Insurer may deny a claim or pay a reduced amount if statements made by you or your employees prejudice their position.