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Landscaper insurance coverage

Landscaping Insurance: Why Landscapers Must Be Insured

As a landscaper, your job is highly physical and requires a lot of skill, persistence, strength, and expertise. The range of Insurance relevant to Landscapers cover you and your team when you’re working designing, building, and maintaining gardens. It includes covers you for public liability insurance, a must because when you’re on someone else’s property. Atlantic has been arranging Landscapers Insurance for over 25 years.

Why do Landscapers need insurance?

From putting in new plants to building retaining walls. Landscaping is a profession that comes with several risks, including:

  • Having your tools stolen
  • Accidentally causing damage to a client’s property or
  • Injuries to you or your team.

Atlantic Insurance offers insurance that’s customised to suit your specific requirements. Read on to find out what insurance you need and what it covers.

Protecting your business assets

As a landscaper, you’ve invested much time and money into building your business, from equipment and tools to trailers and work vehicles. Protecting business property is essential for several reasons. These assets represent your ability to work, so their safety means financial security.

Your landscaping business assets guarantee business continuity if any unforeseen catastrophic events occur. Having the right insurance policies ensures you continue to deliver on promises and meet your client’s expectations.

Six insurance policies that assist with protection

1. Tools Insurance

As a landscaper, you’ve got various tools and equipment to use during your workday. From hand-tools to drills and laser levels your equipment can cost many thousands of dollars. Can you continue working if your tools get damaged or stolen?

Insurance for tools will cover you if they need replacing or repairing. With fast repayment or replacement, tools insurance helps reduce business interruption or loss.

2. Property Insurance

Landscapers need property insurance to preserve any company buildings, equipment, inventory, and other valuable assets, including computers and mobile phones. This cover can protect against damage or loss by fire, storm or weather damage, theft, and vandalism. Our team can review your current property insurance’s terms, conditions, and exclusions to determine if you’re fully covered.

3. Personal accident and illness insurance

Being injured or sick usually means you’re unable to work. And for most landscapers, if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. This type of insurance reduces the likelihood of financial hardship, leaving you free to focus on improving.

Compensation for lost income also means you can meet your financial obligations and keep paying your employees to complete projects.

4. Plant & Machinery Insurance

The business equipment you use as a landscaper is essential and often represents a significant investment, such as excavators or bobcats. This insurance covers you in the event of theft, damage to the item or third-party liability. Plant and machinery insurance enables you to repair or replace impacted valuable items as soon as possible to minimise the loss.

5. Commercial Motor Insurance

Landscapers use a variety of vehicles, from trailers to trucks and cars, to perform their work. It would help if you had the necessary vehicle protection for business activities against loss, theft, and third-party damage.

6 Liability Insurance

This insurance policy covers your business in the event of property damage and injury to third parties like clients, suppliers, or members of the public. This is especially important when working in client homes or near other tradespersons.

Additional ways to safeguard business property

Other than the insurance types listed above, you should also consider insurance. Some other ways to protect business property include:

  1. Risk management practices: Essential business assets should be protected with appropriate safety protocols and training procedures. These practices will help to prevent injuries and avoid accidents that may lead to property being damaged.
  2. Security systems and GPS tracking on plant and equipment: 24/,7 monitoring should be considered to deter theft. Alarms, access control systems or security personnel are also recommended to monitor premises.


Atlantic Insurance is here to help

At Atlantic Insurance, we have assisted landscaping businesses of all sizes and industries since the early 1980s. Our team has developed a strong understanding of various businesses’ insurance needs and risks. We customise our insurance policies for each client, including workers’ compensation insurance and public liability insurance. Call us today for a quote on (03) 9836 3773.

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