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Trades Insurance common workplace injuries

Trades Insurance: Protecting Against Personal Injury & Illness

Jobs in the trades industry are exposed to the highest risk of injury, with the construction industry making up 16% of total worker fatalities in Australia in a five-year period between 2016-2021. As a job that relies on physical health, taking steps to lower risk of incidents or sickness is important to ensure you can continue to work and make an income.

To assist with softening the potential financial impacts of injury or illness on your broader life, Trades Insurance such as Personal Injury & Illness Insurance is recommended. Learn more about mitigating risks of injury and alleviating the overall influence of incidents.

Importance Of Protecting Against Injury & Illness

As a tradie, your work involves physical capabilities and strength which means you rely on your health and physical wellness. In the event that you are injured or unwell, you may therefore be unable to continue carrying out your work, potentially impacting your earnings and therefore other areas of your life if you begin to struggle to pay your bills, rent, mortgage, or childcare fees. For tradies, an injury or sickness can greatly impact your business, your family life and your lifestyle in general.

To prevent this great blow to your life and avoid more than just the adverse effects of illness or injury on your body, it is recommended that the necessary risk management techniques are practised. Injury & Illness Insurance is encouraged to mitigate the financial impacts of events such as this.

Common Workplace Injuries

1. Strains & Sprains Handling Objects

Moving heavy objects can lead to injury, especially when undertaking repetitive motions that put strain on particular muscles. Around 20-30% of all workplace injuries are related to muscular stress.

2. Falls

Falls and trips are common in the trades industry, either from heights or due to slipping on wet surfaces or tripping over objects.

3. Fractures & Wounds

Fractures can be caused either by heavy machinery or smaller objects such as hammers.

4. Diseases

Work-related diseases can lead to injury. This may include digestive system diseases, nervous system diseases, skin tissue diseases as well as respiratory, circulatory or infectious diseases.

5. Physical assaults

Acts of violence in the workplace can lead to injury. This may come from an employer, supervisor, co-worker, client, patient or customer, explains Safe Work Australia.

General Risk Management Procedures

In general, recommended risk management as explained in the Model Code of Practice involves:

  1. Identifying hazards in the work environment, in materials and equipment used, in work tasks, and in work management. You should inspect the workplace and make a list of potential dangers.
  2. Assessing risks by determining how severe the risk is, what action needs to be taken to control the risk, and how urgent this action is.
  3. Controlling risks by eliminating them as far as possible. Consider a range of control options to determine the most effective option.
  4. Reviewing hazards and control measures by determining their effectiveness and changing measures if necessary.

While working, to prevent injury you should:

  • Consistently remain aware of your surroundings
  • Wear protective gear
  • Maintain and use tools correctly
  • Avoid working when feeling under the weather
  • Take breaks when necessary

Injury & Illness Insurance

To protect your income, Injury & Illness Insurance is recommended to assist you in the event that you are physically unable to work due to accident, injury or sickness. With benefit periods of up to 5 years and waiting periods as low as two weeks, this policy will see that you are not at a loss after unfortunate circumstances and can get back on your feet as soon as possible.

In the event that you are suddenly unable to work, you can ensure you are able to continue paying mortgage or rent, as well as day to day bills or schooling and childcare fees, if necessary.

Comprehensive Trades Insurance with Atlantic Insurance

Atlantic Insurance Brokers, compared to Direct Insurance options, has a strong understanding of the trades industry and is able to offer comprehensive cover that is tailored to your business’s specific insurance needs.

Atlantic Insurance Personal Injury and Illness cover features up to $1,300 Weekly Benefit with no proof of income or medical check-ups required. This policy also includes business expenses such as rent, car or equipment leases, with Sickness Cover up to age 70, football and amateur sports covered, 24/7 worldwide cover, and tax-deductible premiums.

Contact us today to protect your income, business, family and lifestyle as a trades worker.

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