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Glaziers Insurance comprehensive cover options

Working with glass involves a high level of risk and requires extreme caution, as one wrong move can quickly lead to breakage that causes a loss of valuable products and potential for injury. It is a hazardous material to be working closely with and poses both a threat to your health and also your potential financial wellbeing.

While identifying exposures and taking necessary steps to lower risk in business processes is useful, accidents may still happen. Selecting the right combination of insurance covers for your Glazier business will ensure that, if any damage or injury occurs as a result of your business activities, your Insurance policies will respond and minimise the impact on yourself, any third parties affected and also your financial wellbeing.

6 Necessary Glaziers Insurance Policies

To ensure you have the appropriate insurance cover for your glazier business, here is a list of the 6 most important policies for you to consider.

1. Public and Products Liability Insurance

Investing in quality Public and Products Liability cover is the most crucial element of insurance for glaziers. This type of cover protects you and your business against claims by a third party of injury or property damage that has stemmed from your negligence.

Products Liability cover is explained by Product Safety Australia as crucial for all who manufacture, import or supply goods in trade or commerce. According to Australian Consumer Law, a consumer is able to seek compensation from a manufacturer who has supplied a product and is found responsible for any loss or damage that the consumer has experienced.

This policy protects businesses who work with products in the event that these products lead to claims of harm to the consumer.

This policy typically also includes a provision of Care, Custody and Control Insurance
For your glazier business, this policy offers cover for situations wherein another person’s property or product is temporarily in your safekeeping. This may include any leased equipment or borrowed property you do not own, which is not covered in other general liability policies.

To learn more about Liability Insurance and what types of liability policies your business may require, visit this blog.

Whether this involves a third party becoming injured during an installation process, someone tripping on business property or a worker damaging a client’s property, this policy can cover the associated costs and assist with an appropriate legal response.

2. Workers Compensation Insurance

This policy is often compulsory for any company that has employees, protecting both yourself and any workers in the event of an accident. This works to relieve financial strain of accident recovery and any other associated costs including loss of income due to an inability to work.

3. Tools Insurance

For anyone in the trades industry, Tools Insurance is a must to cover your precious tools in the event that they are damaged, lost or stolen. For a tradesperson your tools are your livelihood and being able to use them could impact your ability to deliver the services you are contracted to perform and could lead to a loss of income if you are unable to continue working for a period of time.

This policy protects your tools and allows you to repair or replace them as soon as possible so you may get back to work.

4. Business / Factory Insurance

A good Business Insurance policy is an excellent consideration for those in the glazier industry to allow cover for your Business property. Whether you own or lease a factory or warehouse this policy can be tailored to protect the Building, your stock and any contents against a range of perils including Fire, Storm, Accidental or Malicious damage just to name a few. Business Interruption is a common inclusion which provides you Gross Profit protection in the unfortunate event your Business Premises become adversely impacted by a claim event.

5. Commercial Motor Insurance

If you utilise Commercial Motor Vehicles to carry out glass installation services, it is a good idea to carry a Commercial Motor Insurance policy. This will cover any vehicles, the unique accessories and frames designed to transport glass and will also protect against claims of third party damage.

6. Injury & Illness Insurance

To protect your income, this policy will provide compensation in the event that you become ill or injured and are unfit to work. Benefit periods may be as long as 5 years, with a waiting period as low as 2 weeks. Speak to one of our Insurance specialists to learn more and find out how a policy can be tailored for you and your own situation.

Other safety precautions for Glaziers

The range of exposures experienced by a Glass worker and extensive. To avoid injury or accident creating a culture with a risk management focus is paramount. Of course having the right Insurances in place forms part of the overall risk management strategy but this is only one aspect. A Glazier can help reduce their own risk by ensuring they have procedures in place for working at heights, working safely when on ladders or scaffolding and applying safe lifting techniques when lifting objects. You should ensure all who handle sharp blades or edges are educated in safe handling, and that protective gear is worn when necessary.

Reliable Glaziers Insurance with Atlantic Insurance

Atlantic deals with a number of insurance companies that have a clear understanding of the varied risks involved in the glazier industry. Atlantic has a team of expert Client Managers to engage with these Insurers and develop tailored, comprehensive insurance plans for your Glazing Business.

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