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Continuity measures during the Covid-19 Pandemic
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    painter painting a house

    Essential Painter’s Insurance Considerations

    Painter’s Insurance is an important way to protect against financial losses that might occur from accidents or unexpected events. Good Business Insurance policies can provide protection against legal claims and lawsuits, loss of tools and even your plant and equipment if you use scissor lifts or other lifting equipment whilst working. In Australia, Painting business owners may be required by law to carry certain Insurance policies. Find out which policies are compulsory and which are recommended to protect your company against losses to your assets…

    small clothing business

    Good Risk Management for Small Businesses

    As a business owner, you have no doubt invested time, money and effort to build a successful business that you are incredibly proud of. Unfortunately unexpected events can have serious impacts on the financial stability of your business and could potentially lead to the loss of your business if you are not adequately protected. The good news is, when it comes to protecting your business, there are a few things that you are able to do to gain some control during unforeseen circumstances and ensure…

    Side view portrait of young female technical repair engineer employee operating a production line industrial CNC machine and testing, installing, analyzing and fixing bolts it with hand tools for work at a modern factory plant building.

    Everything You Need to Know About Industrial Special Risks Insurance

    Industrial Special Risks Insurance is an Insurance policy that can tailored to your Business and provide a comprehensive solution to meet your own unique Insurance needs. An ISR insurance policy can cover a range of risks to your business from fire, theft, accidental damage and also the associated financial impact of these and many more perils. Atlantic has a team of experience Brokers that you can contact to discover more about this form of insurance cover including whom it may benefit, what exactly it offers…

    glazier applying rubber sealing windshield

    Glaziers Insurance comprehensive cover options

    Working with glass involves a high level of risk and requires extreme caution, as one wrong move can quickly lead to breakage that causes a loss of valuable products and potential for injury. It is a hazardous material to be working closely with and poses both a threat to your health and also your potential financial wellbeing. While identifying exposures and taking necessary steps to lower risk in business processes is useful, accidents may still happen. Selecting the right combination of insurance covers for your…

    old man looking over the lake

    Important Insurance Considerations for Aged Care Facilities

    Aged care businesses may be exposed to a range of risks, as these facilities have a duty of care to their residents and therefore a responsibility if anything were to happen to them. When it comes to Aged Care Insurance considerations, there are a range of policies that should be considered to provide positive outcomes for staff and residents and ensure minimal business interruption. From Liability Insurance to Cyber Risk Insurance, see the full range of insurance considerations for the aged care industry here. Liability…