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Continuity measures during the Covid-19 Pandemic
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    Insurance For Businesses

    Insurance for Businesses: 6 Policies to Protect Your Startup

    When bringing your dream to life with a startup, you want to ensure you’ve done everything you can for it to thrive. As a company in its initial stages, a lot of time and money is spent on getting your business up and running without a lot of profit gained in return, at least to begin with. When tallying up the costs of establishing your startup, you may think that spending more on insurance can be avoided. At this stage, however, it is more important…

    Insurance for Tools

    5 Essential Insurance Policies for Contractors

    As a contractor operating in the current environment, it is more important now than ever to have the right insurances in place that are specific to your individual needs. The experienced Insurance Brokers at Atlantic Insurance are experts at identifying your risks and exposures to develop a tailored Insurance Program that minimises and eliminates risk. Learn more about why it is essential for contractors to operate with the right Trade Insurance, as well as the 5 policies that all contractors should carry. Why Insurance Is…

    Insurance Brokers meeting

    Combating Catastrophic Events: The Mental Benefits of Insurance

    If you elect to purchase an Insurance policy, this is you transferring the risk to an Insurance company as opposed to retaining this risk yourself. An insurance policy aims to return you to your pre-loss position, typically by receiving monetary compensation in the face of a sudden and unforeseen event which results in a loss. It is an essential tool to keep you afloat when disaster strikes, offering invaluable financial protection and reducing uncertainty. Did you know that the right insurance, while managing financial risk,…

    electrician working - trade insurance

    Trades Insurance: The Safety Gear for Your Wallet

    Trades people experience a unique set of risks every day. Whether you’re a plumber, builder, electrician or otherwise, making sure you have the right Trades Insurance is essential to protect yourself, your business and your employees in the event of accident, damage or loss. Just the thought of unexpected disastrous events can be mentally draining. Developing a better understanding of the range of Insurances available for Tradies has never been more important and selecting the right cover for your individual risk provides a level of…

    Builders’ planning out

    Protecting Your Construction Site from Loss or Damage

    As a builder, you understand the hazards of working on construction sites. Protecting yourself and your employees and contractors from harm and reducing these risks while working is best practice and also extremely important as you have a legal obligation to provide a safe working environment. It is also essential, however, to take appropriate steps to protect any heavy machinery, valuable equipment or expensive materials from damage while on-site. If anything were to happen to these valuable items, it could have both a financial impact…