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Continuity measures during the Covid-19 Pandemic
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    getting aged care insurance for our parents

    Aligning Yourself with the Right Broker

    For Aged Care Facilities, selecting the right Broker is essential to ensure comprehensive coverage, risk management, and personalised support from experts that truly understand your insurance requirements.  Atlantic Insurance has been providing reliable Aged Care Insurance to facilities since 1995. Learn more about why you should carefully consider which Insurance Broker to align yourself with, the right questions to ask yourself, and how Atlantic may be the right fit for your facility.  Why your Aged Care Insurer matters Your Aged Care Insurer is extremely important,…

    Risks Faced by Carpenters: Safeguarding with Carpenters' Insurance

    8 Common Risks Faced by Carpenters

    In the industry, as a carpenter you may face a variety of risks in the workplace. These may include personal accident and injuries, property damage, theft, project-related errors and more that put your livelihood at risk. In order to prepare for these potential incidents and mitigate risk, it is important to first be aware of hazards and common occurrences, and implement preventative measures. Learn more about the 8 most common risks that carpenters face, as well as the best ways to prevent and prepare for…

    liability insurance claim

    5 Reasons Why Your SME Needs Liability Insurance

    As a small-to-medium business owner, it’s essential to protect you and your business from unpredictable events that could have a damaging effect. Atlantic Insurance strongly believes that Liability Insurance is an essential form of insurance for any business to hold.  While smaller enterprises may be short on funds, investing in Liability Cover is a necessary cost for business owners that may cover your business against financial difficulty later on should any claims arise.  Learn more about this type of business insurance and why it’s important.  …

    Cyber Insurance

    The Top 10 Cyber Threats Facing Small-to-Medium Businesses Today

    According to Accenture’s cybercrime study, around 43% of cyber attacks are targeted at small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs). SMEs also accounted for 58% of all reported attacks in 2020, explains Astra. Despite this, many small businesses believe they are not at a great risk of attack. Any business, regardless of size, can fall victim to cybercrime. As SME businesses often have limited resources compared to larger companies, this makes them more vulnerable to cyber incidents. Cyber Insurance protects your business against the impact of…

    Electrician Insurance

    Electrician Insurance: How to Plan for Emergencies

    It is no secret that working with electricity can involve risks that may leave yourself, your employees, third parties or your business itself in danger. In the event of an electrical emergency, it is important to have a plan in place so that anyone who may be impacted is aware of what to do in order to reduce damage. From the development of emergency procedures to carrying Electrician Insurance, here are 7 ways that you can prepare your electrical business for emergencies. 1. Identify potential…