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Continuity measures during the Covid-19 Pandemic
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    protecting electricians by getting affordable electricians insurance

    6 Ways to Lower Electricians’ Insurance Premiums

    Electrical businesses are exposed to a range of insurable risks, meaning that appropriate coverage is essential for the protection of business operations, assets, employees and clients. While premiums can be expensive, insurance is a necessary investment that should not be overlooked.  With suitable insurance comes the priceless comfort in knowing your business can continue to thrive in any circumstance. Learn more about the importance of Electricians’ Insurance, and how to potentially lower premiums to make this Business Insurance more affordable.  The Importance Of Reasonable Electricians’…

    Insurance for NDIS Home Care Service Providers

    Insurance for NDIS Home Care Service Providers: A Guide

    As a business that offers in-home care and housing or accommodation for individuals with disabilities under the NDIS, it is crucial that you understand the insurance landscape for the industry and can navigate this effectively to receive the necessary cover.  Learn more about the recommended insurance for NDIS home care service providers, as well as the 6 main insurance challenges to avoid.    Why The Right Insurance Is Important   The right cover is crucial for those offering disability services, able to act as a…

    happy owner securing her business by getting an insurance for her small business

    The 4 Dangers of Improper Coverage

    As a small business owner, you are sure to be juggling a range of competing financial demands such as operational expenses, employee salaries, marketing, capital expenditures and more. Focusing on all these may mean that appropriate insurance coverage becomes overlooked, seen as an unnecessary additional expense that there is no time to consider.  Adequate Small Business Insurance cover is crucial when it comes to protecting your business from unforeseen events. Dismissing this may lead to greater expenses and mental energy later on to deal with…

    happy grandmother after getting an Aged Care Insurance in Melbourne

    7 Common Claim Challenges

    Aged Care businesses in Melbourne and throughout Victoria are no different to operators Australia-wide in that they are exposed to a wide range of risks that make reliable Aged Care Insurance essential, and the likelihood of claims high. For this reason, it is important to understand challenges that may arise when making claims so that, should it come down to it, this process runs as smoothly as possible and there is little business interruption.  Learn more about the claims process, potential challenges in the Aged…

    cyber insurance data breach protection

    7 Ways To Protect Against Cyber Threats

    In 2021, 82% of ransomware attacks were against companies with fewer than 1000 employees, while 61% of small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) in total were the target of a cyber attack, explains StrongDM.  For SMEs, it can be easy to overlook Cyber Insurance as one of the core Insurance products necessary for business protection. In reality, this is an essential consideration that could leave your business vulnerable if not considered.  Learn more about the importance of this coverage and how to protect your valuable business from cyber…