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    Carpenters Insurance for Your New Business

    Carpenters’ Insurance: A Checklist for Your New Carpentry Business

    Between developing a business plan, legal registration, determining a business name and branding, acquiring necessary equipment and tools, financial management and more, there are many elements to consider when getting a new carpentry business up and running. Amongst all these initial tasks, and in a pre-profit position, it can be easy for a consideration such as insurance to fall on the backburner.  Appropriate Carpenters’ Insurance cover should not be forgotten, as this can be the difference between your business sinking or floating when disaster strikes….

    business insurance Protecting business against natural disaster

    Business Insurance: Preparing Businesses for Natural Disasters

    Climate extremes are taking effect across Australia, with 2022 seeing a record-breaking report of extreme weather events. While a third consecutive La Niña led to extreme rain and flooding that devastated eastern Australia and an extreme rain record in Sydney, Australia’s hottest temperature was recorded in Western Australia.  It is expected that climate change will continue to increase the frequency and severity of natural disasters, even with dramatic, rapidly implemented cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. While there may be little that Business Owners can control,…

    Happy insurance agent communicating with a couple on a meeting in the office.

    Direct Insurance Vs. Insurance Brokers & Intermediaries

    The insurance landscape can be overwhelming, with a range of coverage options and avenues of purchasing cover. Finding the appropriate insurance option for you through a reliable provider is important to ensure that, in the event that you need to make a claim, all is managed as soon as possible with no surprise exclusions or limits in cover. AFCA explains that insurance complaints have risen by 50% in the past year, with a 76% increase in complaints surrounding delays, as well as a 42% rise…

    getting an insurance for our prestige home

    A Comprehensive Guide to Prestige Home Insurance

    Your home and the items within it have great significance, often a very personal culmination of your tastes and life experiences, as well as a place that holds memories and offers ongoing comfort. If anything were to happen to this place, it would cause more than financial strain, accompanied by the grief of losing these elements that hold such personal value.  Prestige Home Insurance is extremely important when it comes to covering your high-value properties and possessions, offering the peace of mind that your precious…

    getting insurance for plumbers

    5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Plumbers’ Insurance

    Insurance for Plumbers is important, protecting your business against loss and ensuring it continues to thrive. Purchasing inappropriate coverage, however, can mean your business is not adequately protected, or that you are paying more than you should for inadequate protection.  To uncomplicate the insurance process and ensure you can defend against risk, here are 5 common mistakes that you should strive to avoid when purchasing Plumbers’ Insurance.  The Dangers Of Insufficient Plumbers’ Insurance   Carrying improper Business Insurance can be extremely detrimental for Plumbers, potentially…