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Continuity measures during the Covid-19 Pandemic
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    Trades Insurance common workplace injuries

    Trades Insurance: Protecting Against Personal Injury & Illness

    Jobs in the trades industry are exposed to the highest risk of injury, with the construction industry making up 16% of total worker fatalities in Australia in a five-year period between 2016-2021. As a job that relies on physical health, taking steps to lower risk of incidents or sickness is important to ensure you can continue to work and make an income.  To assist with softening the potential financial impacts of injury or illness on your broader life, Trades Insurance such as Personal Injury &…

    Concreters Insurance considerations

    Conquering Concreters’ Insurance: 8 Essential Considerations

    In the concreting industry, appropriate coverage is important to protect against financial hardship if you are faced with accidents, lawsuits or misfortune that could leave you at a loss.  Personal Injury and Property Damage are among the most common risks, with common injuries including cuts, wounds and lacerations, injury while handling materials, noise damage, falls, and accidents when using equipment. Use of Plant and Equipment also commonly poses risk of damage to third party property.  It is important to take the necessary precautions to protect…

    vacation home short stay insurance

    Short Stay Insurance: Protecting Your Holiday Home

    Leasing out your holiday home to short-term renters can be a lucrative choice. With effective running and marketing of the property, the returns can be very good. Home-sharing platforms such as Airbnb and Stayz have recently emerged to add a level of ease and efficiency to the process of renting out your property. It is important to consider, however, that it is not as simple as pressing a button and reaping the rewards. It is imperative to prepare for the risks that are associated with…

    Arranging Construction Insurance

    7 Key Considerations when Arranging Construction Insurance

    The construction site continues to be one of the highest hazard environments in Australia, with a  range of risks and exposures that could lead to personal injury or damage. Construction Insurance is a necessary consideration that may even be mandatory depending on the project, contract, or state laws.  In a 12 month period between 2020-21, men in the construction industry accounted for 17% of work-related injury or illness. Safe Work Australia explains that around 12,600 Workers’ Compensation claims are accepted from the industry every year…

    Getting Insurance for Aged Care Facilities

    The Changing Landscape of Insurance for Aged Care Facilities

    The insurance landscape for Aged Care Facilities is currently undergoing some changes, with major insurer Catholic Church Insurance (CCI) announcing earlier this year the company is to operate in run-off, ceasing to offer Renewal or New Business Insurance Policies. Many Insurers are also reassessing their appetite for insuring Aged Care facilities and providers of Care Services due to risk, particularly involving Liability Insurance policies. For Aged Care Facilities and Care Service providers, the right cover is crucial to ensure that, in the event of a…