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Continuity measures during the Covid-19 Pandemic
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    Holiday Rental Insurance

    Holiday Rental Insurance: Rising Premiums & Cost Mitigation

    The current cost-of-living crisis means many Australians are struggling, with over 3.3 million Australians currently living in poverty and 40% of renters struggling to pay rent as explained by The Salvation Army. Many items are rising disproportionately to wage growth, and Forbes notes insurance premiums are also becoming caught in this inflation.  A combination of factors have led to a recent rise in insurance premiums that has impacted the Holiday Rental Insurance landscape. Understanding the cause of this rise and recognising ways to mitigate increases…

    Insurance Brokers & Intermediated Placement

    10 Advantages of Insurance Brokers & Intermediated Placement

    When it comes to sourcing comprehensive cover with the most suitable policies for your specific requirements, Insurance Brokers can be extremely beneficial. A good Intermediary will assist in acquiring the most affordable options for your unique needs, ensuring all potential risks are covered with no gaps and the best choices for your budget.  Learn more about what Insurance Brokers do, and how an Intermediary can benefit you.    The Role of an Insurance Broker or Intermediary Compared to Direct Insurance, A Broker or Intermediary’s role…

    Electricians Insurance Liability Cover

    Electricians’ Insurance: A Guide to Liability Cover

    Despite the best preventative efforts, working with electricity can still leave you exposed to a range of potential risks and accidents. Electricians’ Insurance is essential to prepare for potential incidents and mitigate risks to ensure your electrical business is protected and compliant with regulations.  Liability Insurance, in particular, is extremely important for electricians and may even be mandatory to carry in your state or territory. Learn more about Liability Cover including its importance, where it is required that you carry it and the various types…

    Small Business Insurance for Remote Work

    Small Business Insurance: A Guide to Cover for Remote Work

    Post-pandemic, the remote work model has become more and more popular, with more small businesses transitioning to have employees work from home. As reported in a Forbes article, 12.7% of full-time employees currently work from home, while 28.2% work a hybrid model.  Forbes also notes that 98% of workers have expressed that they want to work remotely at least some of the time, as this offers a flexibility, autonomy, and opportunity for work-life balance that is difficult to maintain when in an office full-time.  If…

    Prepare for cyber threats

    Cyber Insurance: The Changing Cyber Threat Landscape

    Cyber attacks are growing in both frequency and sophistication. With growing dependence on the digital world come more opportunities for cyber criminals, leading to a 358% rise in malware attacks in 2020 compared to 2019, explains a cyber crime statistics report by AAG. The report states 2021 also saw a 125% global increase in cyber attacks, with higher volumes again in 2022.  Phishing, in particular, remains a common method of attack. 92% of organisations faced a phishing attack in 2022. As reported by the FBI,…